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Warehouse Scope of Services 


With TriStar as your partner, you can orderly optimize processes through efficient material flow and advanced warehouse logistics.

Your advantage: You can focus all your attention on your core business.

Warehousing location

Our network is closely knit. Tristar Egypt's bonded warehouse is located inside the Ismailia Free Zone. It is strategically located because it is the first warehouse/hub in North Africa that directly links to the main transport routes that feed Port Said, Damietta, Suez, Alexandria, Nile Delta, and Upper Egypt. And this would facilitate our operations of transport, logistics, and movement. No distance is too far for our clients.

Warehousing Capabilities

When it comes to warehousing Capabilities, we are pioneers with storage systems, the optimization of warehouse systems using data, more than 1500 SQMs as a space to accommodate shipments of any size, in addition to having WMS, Racks, Heavy loading/unloading tools, all packing and re-packing materials, firefighting, and level of safety assurance, highly qualified and trained staff who on top of Know-How, we pursue sustainability within our operations by striving to make them socially responsible, environmentally aware and economically practical.

Warehousing solutions

  • Set-up Documents.

  • Pick, Pack and pinning, Labelling.

  • Racking & Scanning Packing / Repacking.

  • Storage / Distribution.

  • Acceptance / Handling. Container Stuffing / Off-Loading.

  • Quality Checks and control.

Value-added & customized services

Transparency, quality, safety, and customized support are all at the core of our value-added services for warehouse logistics for Sector-specific, these include services such as:

IT competence of warehousing solutions, in-house developed systems and process architectures and bespoke design.

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