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All TriStar airfreight shipments are organized, managed and measured, so your freights are monitored door-to-door within our system, providing you the information you require, when you require it.

Contact our experts today, and let us begin thinking of valuable steps to make your airfreight processes more effective.

Consolidation Service 

We co-ordinate with overseas vendors to pick up your goods from a variety of individual suppliers and consolidate orders  into one economical shipment to your place of business. This service also simplifies financial process as we settle the  payment on your behalf and charge your account, then invoice you later upon arrival.

Egypt Air Moving Agent

We are playing a husbanding tool for Egypt Air – as we been assigned to handle all their back and forth Aircrafts engine  export and import


Ship more transparently. Enjoy a service that eliminates intermediaries and makes shipment tracking much easier because you will deal only with one freight forwarder throughout the entire process that includes: Pick up, Shipment, custom clearance, Cargo delivery. Also, you can get a price that includes all that process from origin to destination.


Characterized hassle-free, stable transit time, high-cost effectiveness, delivery of heavy cargos.

Simply We will Pick up the shipment from your door, deliver it to the nearest airport or seaport, perform the necessary export customs formalities.

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