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Freight Tips

20+ years of knowledge and experience in

the logistics and freight industry! Why not take advantage of that?!

Here are some tips...

(LTL) or (TL)?

With regard to transportation.. What is LESS-THAN-TRUCKLOAD (LTL) and TRUCKLOAD (TL)? What is the difference?



This refers to shipping an item that is relatively small and will not take up the entirety of the trailer. You pay for the amount of space you take up, not the entire truck.

By far this is a most popular type of freight transportation, and it's the most cost-effective, reliable and timely service because your shipment shares a truck with other LTL freight shipments.



If you are shipping a large enough load, you may need an entire truck.

This service is ideal for commodities that are unpackaged or may require refrigeration, climate control, flatbeds or other special accommodation for oversized or overweight shipments. Truckload shipping is not the least expensive transportation option, but it can be much faster than LTL freight.


At TriStar, we will guide you to choose the one that best suits your business need.

Land, Sea or Air Freight?

How do you decide which is the most suitable freight type for your cargo?


When it comes to shipping freight at high volumes, it is from our experience that we recommend you to think about Sea freight.


TriStar offer Sea freight services that cover the entire container freight transportation process including:


  •  Pickup and delivery.

  •  Land transportation.

  •  Ocean freight transportation.

  •  Customs clearance.

  •  Documentation.

Small business? And freight difficulties?

What are the difficulties facing small businesses when freight?


  1. Managing freight shipping can take a lot of time away from managing your business.

  2. Finding an affordable and trustworthy carrier takes time.

  3. Completing all the paperwork takes time.

  4. There is the time it takes to learn about freight details.


So, you can let TriStar handle all of it, and you... just focus on your business.

What types of freight require specialized services?

Fragile, oversized, or complex items that need an additional layer of protection, such as:

1. Sensitive electronics and devices

2. Fragile robotics and industrial equipment

3. Commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment

4. Fixtures, furniture, and fragile goods.

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