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The 5 Biggest Cargo Airports in the World

According to data supplied by the Airports Council International (ACI), here is a list of the biggest and busiest airports in the world by the amount of cargo traffic.

5- Anchorage International Airport

Location: Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

Year Founded: 1951 - Until now.

Served Total Cargo (tons): 2,806,743

Space: 1,866 hectares.

There are three runways, while the longest with 3,780 meters considers being the biggest.

4- Incheon International Airport

Location: Incheon, Seoul National Capital Area, South Korea.

Year Founded: March 29, 2001.

Number of Employees: 35,000 employees.

Served Total Cargo (tons): 2,952,123

Space (An area of the cargo terminal): 234,644 square meters.

It is also by Skytrax ranked as the world's cleanest airport and the world's best international transit airport.

The airport was ranked as the best airport in the world for 11 continuous years from 2005 to 2016, where it won an Airport Service Quality Award by the Airports Council International (ACI).

3- Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China. Located about 30 kilometers (19 mi) east of the city center.

Year Founded: October 1, 1999.

Served Total Cargo (tons): 3,768,573

Space: Occupies a 40-square-kilometre (10,000-acre).

Pudong Airport hosted 104 airlines serving more than 210 destinations.

Managers are already planning to expand the airport by building additional runways.

2- Memphis International Airport

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Year Founded: 1927.

Served Total Cargo (tons): 4,470,196

Space: 1600 hectares.

1- Hong Kong International Airport

Location: Chek Lap Kok, Islands, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Year Founded: 1998.

Served Total Cargo (tons): 5,120,811

Number of Employees: 65,000 employees.

Space: It occupies 1,255 hectares area and has two runways (3,800 meters each)

This airport can serve about 64 flights during rush hour and it is expected that Hong Kong airport will serve 8 900 000 tones cargo in 2030

It has been rated by Skytrax Research as the best airport in the world 7 times during its first 10 years of operation.